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Best Places to Read Books

As a book reader there are certain things that I have to come across in order to enjoy a book. Number 1: the place has to be quite or the background noise can’t be so loud that I concentrate on that noise instead of what I’m reading. Number 2: there has to be sufficient light, because there’s nothing more annoying than having to read in the dark and straining your eyes just so you can know what is going on. Number 3: a good position to read, which for me mostly means laying down and supporting my book on a pillow or cushion on my stomach, that way my arms don’t get strained. Having said that, I honestly think there are some great places that are made to read books and I wanted to explored them in this post. 

The Library

Although it seems like an obvious place to read a book, the library is actually the only place in my list that have all three of the previous enumerated things I require to enjoy what I’m reading. It’s quiet, which is the basic principle and rule of the library. It has sufficient light that will allow you to read the words on the page without having to resort to awkward positions to reach light, and it has reading rooms, which in some libraries I’ve visited have couches and lazy chairs that one can use for more comfortable reading positions. Not only that, it’s a building filled with books, so once you’re done you can always walk over to the bookshelves and grab a new book.

The Park

As someone who loves the outdoors I often read in the park. I’m the weirdo that is either leaning against the tree or laying in the grass with my bag behind my head for head support and my book or kindle in my stomach. There’s nothing more satisfying that laying down on the cool grass while sunlight beams through the trees and a breeze annoys you because it keeps trying to turn your pages for you. But honestly, there’s noting more satisfying than reading a book outside. 

The Living Room

If there’s only thing that living rooms are designed for is reading. Well, besides building a library so you can show your friends just how smart you are by collecting books you don’t read because your impulse to buying books surpasses you ability to read them. But, not trying to shame myself, the living room is the second best room to read your books. It’s warm. If you bought the right furniture you’ll have lazy chair to lay around. It has warm light, and hopefully, while your family’s away doing better things with their day, you can have quiet reading day.

A Café

And I honestly think we can thank the French for this one. Or the Italians. I’m not really sure. But there’s just something about reading at a cafe, your reading glasses on, a cup of fresh and warm coffee on the table, and thousands of strangers straining their necks to see what you’re reading that makes me feel so good about myself. Maybe it’s the attention I think I’m getting. 

What about you? What’s your favorite reading place? 




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