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First Post or Title This

Hello world!

Welcome to my my first post. Or better yet: welcome to my blog. 

I know there’s lot of rules about what one should write in their first post. It should be brief but substancial, it should be introductory but speak to the reader like he’s been reading you for years. It should have a cliff hanger so the reader goes looking for more, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be click bait into another article. Respect your reader. Delight him. Let him know that you wrote this thinking about him. That you know him. That you wished for him to read you and explore you page. And so on.

And yeah. I mean who am I kidding? I would love to have some great ideas like that, and the purpose of a blog in a website is to get SEO organic growth, but I’m honestly new at this game, and I don’t know the rules of posting online outside of social media. This blog was mostly a passion project that will remain a passion project until it raises enough income to allow me to quit my day job. So I apologize if my next posts aren’t all encompassing like the blog rules say. I’m mostly going to use this blog to let you kids now about things I’m interesting about regarding books, books I’ve read, books I’ve been recommend, books that been recommended to me, and other book stuff until I get a hold some manual that teaches me how to write on the internet in the way that people want to read you. 

For now, feel welcome and free to navigate my book summaries. I’ll be posting a new book summary every Thursday of the week. 

Cheers mate!

I´m Victoria Marulanda

Welcome to my blog!

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