What I’m Reading Right Now

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What I’m Reading Right Now

Hello world! As an avid reader I like to keep myself organized on the things I read. I’m also a serial cheater when it comes to reading. What does that mean? I read more than one book at the time. I know, scandalous. But, what can I say, not all books are made equal, and not all books hold my indefinite attention, so I usually pick a new one when the one I’m currently reading isn’t holding my attention like it should. Having said that, I wanted to share with you what I’m reading at the moment:

The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene

Best known for his 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene’s latest book deals with people’s conscious and unconscious drives, motivations and cognitive biases. It would be my third book of his and my first time summarizing his book, so keep a look for that by subscribing to my newsletter where I let you know what books are coming next. 


Sweat: A History of Exercise by Bill Hayes

Like the book about the burning of Los Ángeles Public Library, this book made me ask the same question: is exercise interesting enough to warrant a whole book about it? Turns out it is. The book not only the recent interest of exercise (and by recent I mean the last 40 years), but also delves into other forms of exercise in history, from the Roman Empire and the Olympics, sponsored by the Greeks, to Jane Fonda and the founding of Nike, a company that become popular when running became a thing. 



The Stand by Stephen King

A man who needs no introduction and a book that created its own genre, I’m a little late to the party of Stephen King classics, but none the less, I’m thoroughly enjoying the read. Anything else I should read of his? Besides IT, The Shinning and Carrie?



American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Also late to the party to this series and a little late to the Neil Gaiman fan club, but Scribd kept putting this book into the top 10 most read books of the app and it became more work to ignore it than to dive in. I’m only a couple of pages into the story, but the plot and the characters have their own sense of fascination that makes me know that the hype this book and series have on people’s hearts it’s not just based on branding. 

What are you reading? Are you monogamous or a serial cheater like me?


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