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To Scribble or Not to Scribble

I bought a Kindle recently, a paper white, and to say that I’m happy with it is an understatement. Not only does the battery last forever, but the options to highlight is one of my favorite features of the Kindle invention. I had always hesitated to write on my books. There was something about writing on the pages of someone else’s work that made me hesitate to damage the page, especially if the book was borrowed, but the highlight option can be done so easily on the Kindle that I have all these highlights on most my books that help me turn them into summaries. One of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place. But my question to you reader is: do you scribble, highlight or mark the pages on your books? Or do you care for your books and leave them the same way and in pristine condition as when you bought them? 

How about with dog ears? How do you keep yourself on the same page you were reading at? One of the things that annoys me the mot about most bookmarks is that they have no indication of where in the page you left off. At least, not most bookmarks I’ve tried until I bought the LastWord Bookmark that lets you mark exactly on the page you were at. Most book marks I’ve been given over year are a piece of cardboard that allows you to mark the page, not the paragraph or sentence you turned your book off. One of the things I’ve seen some of my friends do is mark exactly where in the page they left, but again, I’d always hesitate to do so.

How about scribbles? Do you write mini notes on the edge of your pages, like Snape did in his potions book? I don’t, but I’ve bought enough used books over the years to get the no odd one out that had some notes on the edges. It’s quite interesting what people write on their books, and I might do a post talking about the notes I’ve read over the years. Seems like a sacrilege to me to write on people’s work, but some don’t hesitate. 

So what do you do with your books? 

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