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Four Booktubers to Checkout Now

Before I discovered the world of book blogging, back in 2015, I discovered the world of Booktubers by accident. Back in the old day when YouTube actually showed you the feed of the channels you were subscribed to and recommended you channels and content that came along side those recommendations, I used to follow a lot of comedic channels, but not stand up comedy channels, but sketch comedy channels. A weird combination to get recommended to Booktubers no? Well yes, but  that’s exactly how I discovered my first Booktuber:


It was strange to be recommended a girl whose only purpose when talking about books was to not only review the book (which back in the day was the only thing people really knew what to do with the medium) but to do so called “Book Hauls”. What really caught my attention, though, was the way she humorized the book buyer experience in my favorite video of hers so far:


In the video she describes the idea that back in the rip old age of 2011, book buying used to be something pleasant. You used to local book store you could go to and browse on the shelves for a book that caught your attention (which is still the major reason why I’m so bothered by the idea that most book covers should have something to do with the plot of the book). But now, since Amazon took over a major part of the book selling business, especially in digital form, those bookstores disappeared, leaving only the two big players of book stores around the country, Barnes&Nobels and Borders. Anyways, I’m not going to summarize the video, it’s quite entertaining and she’s gorgeous, so go check her channel out! 

Mike’s Book Review

I discovered Mike when I was doing a YouTube search on the best Stephen King novels rated. I wanted a none spoiler review of Stephen King’s novels and YouTube recommended his video:

Where You Should Start With Stephen King 

What struck me about his channel was not only the diverse genres he reads (he reads anything from horror, fantasy, historical fiction, fiction, etc.) but that he almost always creates to videos for every book he’s reviewing: one spoiler free and one spoiler heavy. It’s nice to hear someone talk about a book without going into anything revealing about the plot and Mike’s an expert at that. He always has three ways to break down a book: why he picked it up, why you should read it, and the good, the bad and the ugly about the book. I can’t recommend his channel enough.

Luke Edwards 

A hilarious English bloke that makes fun of himself and brags about how he can read about 2 books a day. You read that right, he has a video on how he read 5,000 (!) books in 2020 (by the way the video is a comedy informertial about how to read more. 

How to Read 5000 Books a Year 

The thing I like most about his channel is the self deprecating humor spins his videos with. It’s not just about telling the viewer about what books to read, or what’s reading at the moment, but he makes fun of himself along the way. I honestly mostly watch it because I love that English accent of his.


And finally I couldn’t end the post without mentioning Katy, an aspiring writer and Booktuber whose favorite videos of mine are her bookshelf tours. I’ve seen bookshelfs as organized and beautiful as hers, and for most of her videos she has them in the background. 

Súper Massive Book Haul

And there you have it! Four Booktubers you should check out. 

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