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Women Authors to Give a Try

My Favorite Women Authors

It’s women’s day around the world and we’re all celebrating one way or another. Some of us are getting flowers from the men in our lives, some of us are giving flowers to the women in our lives and some of us are purposely only reading women this month to celebrate the great female prose. So, in order to celebrate women’s day, I decided I would make a post about my favorite women author’s, their works and what makes them grate. 

Richelle Mead

Author of around 24 books, fours series and the creator of a genre: Paranormal Contemporary Adult, Richelle Mead comes first in the list because it soaked me into the sexy vampire teenagers drama genre that was practically non-existent by the time she published her first vampire book: Vampire Academy. Twilight wasn’t even a thing, and before you judges a book by it’s cover (teenage vampires), let me tell you: her books are on another level. No only is her humor a big part of the main character (witty, intelligent, completely badass), she has a knack for telling a story in which you seriously root for the villain. Her books encompass supernatural beings in her Succubus Series, vampires in her Vampire Series, crazy intelligent detective that have two crows living inside his head and another series of young adult books in an alternate world of the colonization of the United States. Even if you’re not into the supernatural, this lady has over 24 books under her belt with multiple genres, main characters and story lines to give anyone more than just another vampire story. 

Vampire Academy Series

Vampire Academy
Blood Promise
Spirit Bound
Last Sacrifie

The series follows Rose, a teenager who attends a private boarding school in the middle of Montana called St. Valds and is spirtually bonded to her best friend Lisa Dragomir who discovers she has a magic that one has ever known for hundreds of years. The series follows these girls love life, fight life and struggle to get over the problems of being a teenager while at the same time trying to make sense of a magic that’s causing them both mental illness. 


The Golden Lily
The Indigo Spell 
The Fiery Heart 
Silver Shadows
The Ruby Circle

Is the sequel to Vampire Academy, if follows the life of Sydney Sage, an alchemist Rose meets in the fourth book of the Vampire Academy series when she’s assigned to move to Palm Springs California to guard an assignment the queen of vampires has personally assigned. The series has a lot of the same sassy humor and life staking consequences as the previous one, but this one follows a set of side characters from Vampire Academy giving them a new depth.

Emmy Chandler

Emmy Chandler is a new author I came across when I read a post in the romance blog Smart Bitches Trashy Books when they outlined new romance novels that had come out that month. She’s a new romance author that is writing under another seudo name and in the course of a year wrote around 6 books in a series called “Prison Planet” followed by her sequel series “Project Vetus”. For a new romance author I couldn’t help but find her sex scenes scorchingly sexy. I always wondered, as an author myself just how many ways could someone describe sex, but in all 8 books she has under her belt, the sex has never ever been the same. And ins’t that something we ladies want? Nuance? Well you’ve got it with her.

Prison Planet 


Guardian, first book of the series follows the life of Audra, a recent convict who gets sent to Rhodon, a red planet in the middle of a faraway galaxy that doubles as a human prison. The planets comprises of mutile sections, but section 4, which is where Audra, our main character and narrator gets sent to, women have to double as prostitutes in order to survive. The perk? She gets pair with the biggest baddest bear in her section. It sounds like a nightmare, right? It is until they start falling in love with each other as the month progresses.

The other books, as is normal with most romance novels, have differing plots and characters, but the stories all happen inside The Devil’s Eye giving us a full flesh glimpse of a very complicated prison society in the future.

Project Vetus


Project Vetus follows a side character from Prison Planet series that we meet in book two of the series. Lily was sent to Rhodon a year before the story of Guardian starts. She used to be part of the second section of the prison where was sexually enslaved to serve rich clients who bought their company. She manages to escape in book two and is courted and impregnated by Carson a kidnapped elite soldier whose DNA has been merged with an already extinct species. The catch? When this species mate, they mate not only for life, but until death breaks them apart. 

A. E. Rayne

A new author I discovered around quarantine back in 2020 when Amazon notified me that her debut book was only $3.99. I’m usually pretty skeptical when it comes to low prices in books, especially long books (her books average 600 pages!), but quarantine boredom and impulse got me to buy her book, and oh boy what surprise it was. It’s set in a fictional world called Osterland where six kingdoms compete for resources, political power and in later case monsters and weird symbols that can summon old gods from the dead. Yeah, you read that right, old gods from the dead. She says that her world it’s based on old Viking legends and her characters are based on medieval Europe England’s court, without the glamour and ostentatiousness. It was truly a surprise to discovered that her world was not only rich and complicated, she had created character’s to match.

Furyck Saga

Winter’s Fury
The Burning Sea
Night of the Shadow Moon
Hallow Wood 
The Rave’s Warning 
Vale of the Gods

Winter’s Fury follows Jael Furyck the once heir of the throne to her kingdom Brekka when she’s married to the heir of the neighboring kingdom Oss Eadmund Skalleson in a pack of both kingdoms to take their neighboring kingdom down south Hest. The story of the first book mostly follows Jael’s life training for the fighting festival in Oss in order to survive and gain respect in court in her new kingdom while at the same time navigating the deeply political backhanded ways of medieval court. 

Lords of Alekka

Eye of the Wolf 
Mark of the Hunter
Blood of the Raven
Heart of the King

Eye of the Wolf is a direct sequel to Winter’s Fury but doesn’t follow any of the characters we meet in the Furyck Saga. It takes place in the northern island of the Alekka world called Alekka when a dreamer Alys de Sant gets kidnapped and almost sold to slavery by Rainer Vilander because he’s desperate for resources in order to defend his post Ottby, the only gate way to Stornas (the capital of the island). She convinces the king, Rainer, to let her and friends fight along side him as a desperate move to save herself from slavery. Little did she know at the time that not only would he fall in love with her, but she would too.

C. L. Wilson

This is another author I discovered by chance and have mourned the fact that she’s been unable to right anything else in the past few years. Even thought her books are at bigger lengths that most romance series (around 500 pages each), I’ve re-read both her series multiple times and have always been hungry for more. What truly captivates me about her is not only her prose and sense of story telling, but the way she builds a world that’s so rich I haven’t been able to find another series like hers around. The closest I’ve gotten is Ruby Dixon’s alien world, but even those pale in comparison. She has two series under her belt. 

Tairen Soul

The Lord of the Fading Lands
Lady of Light and Shadow
King of Sword and Sky
Queen of Song and Souls
Crown of Crystal Flame

The first one and my persona favorite is “The Tairen Soul” series which follows a pleblian Elysseta Baristani who calls the Tairen Soul and king of the Fey out of the sky with her soul. What does that mean? We’ll pick the book and find out. 

Weathermages of Mystral

The Winter King
The Sea King

This series is as in depth world wise as the her first series, but not as enthralling as the previous one. Don’t get me wrong, I loved both books, and it was the first series I read by the author, but after reading Elly and Rain’s tragic love, anything else pales in comparison. None the less, The Winter King, the first book in the series, follows the life of a cast away fourth daughter of the Weather Mages of Vera Sola, Khamsin, a summer kingdom who’s just been conquered by the winter king of the north Wynter. In order to keep the peace between the two kingdoms her father promises her in marriage by tricking the Wynter into thinking he’s actually marrying her older and more beautiful sister Autum. Once the marriage has been consummated thought, there’s no turning back and Wynter has no choice but to take his new bride back to his kingdom and court. But is it really a trick?

S. C. Stephens 

And lastly S. C. Stephens. I didn’t want to make ally my picks romance books, but for some reason that’s how it turned out to be. I described her series Furious Rush as Fast and Furious meets Romeo and Juliette. 

Furious Rush 

Furious Rush
Dangerous Rush 

The series follows two biked racers from competitive teams who have to share arena to keep costs down. McKenzie, the daughter of once champion, crumbles under the pressure to win this seasons competitions unless she wants to lose the dome her father built with his career money. Unbeknownst to her, the partial owner and main competitor hires a new biker racer Hayden who not only develops a a giant crush on her but has a dark past as a street racer. McKenzie has to navigate pressure from her father not only to win all the competitions but the taboo of falling in love with her nemesis and competitor.

And there you have it. Five female authors I would read anything they put out, even their grocery list.

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